Milan, Paris, London: The European cities that are the Mecca of fashionistas

The hallmark of fashion forecasts and new trends bears significant tourism inflow in top fashionable cities of the world. The fashion conscious grasp at straws to get an invitation to these sought-after fashion events.

Fashion is considered as one of the world’s most important industries, driving a big part of the global economy. This has pushed many cities up the list of chic chart busters because of trendy buys at good prices. If you are looking for inspiration, head to an iconic fashion event and thereafter to a local market.



The biannual Berlin Fashion Week has gained international status for attracting creative young designers who are trying

make a mark in the competitive world of fashion. Fashion isn’t just restricted to the ramp; it seeps onto the streets too. It is interesting to spot some of the best inspiration on the streets brought in by both; a fashion-conscious local population and global fashion enthusiasts visiting for the fashion week. It is likely to bump into some of the noteworthy stylists, models, designers and celebrities during its biannual events, hanging around Soho House between events, on the runway, on their way to shows around the city.

SET TRENDS: Germany attracts fashion-conscious travellers. Plan your trip ahead to coincide with the fashion trade shows


Home to some of the best-dressed and effortlessly stylish street fashion year around, itfs only natural that Milan is the place to visit around any fashion event. Even if you arenft on the list of invitees at the Milan Fashion Week, head to Via Tortona; itfs easy to see stylish people hovering around showrooms on this street. The Milano Fashion Tour can be a wonderful addition to your visit to this fashionable destination. During an ongoing fashion event, you are likely to bump into popular faces at eateries located on Via Tortona, La Darsena, Via Meda and Navigli.

HIGH FASHION: Milan’s fashion quotient is high on the charts for not just individuals but also big brands. Milan’s city landmarks are a smart venue for photo shoots and fashion shows


London is awash with unmissable fashion events all year round. The upcoming biannual London Fashion Week is set to unfold this September. Walk down the King’s Road or Sloane Street and you’ll discover why London is such a global fashion magnet. Reserve the evenings to sip Orange Pekoe in a plush tea parlour on Albermarle Street for an authentic British feel. When the fashion week draws to an end, many official and unofficial closing parties shall be dotted around the city. Besides, there are numerous museums and street style exhibitions dedicated to fine fashion too.


Strolling through the streets of Paris year-round offers an in insight into the worldfs unrivalled capital of fashion. The biannual Paris Fashion Week is one of the top global fashion shows hosted here. The renowned labels showcase in some of the iconic Parisian locations like the Grand Palais or the Espace Eiffel. The upcoming designers take to the more quirky locations such as nightclubs and warehouses. If your visit coincides with the fashion week, head to the Louvre and Jardin des Tuileries to catch the buzz. If not the big labels, you can certainly catch one of the shows and parties that spread across the city. Enjoy your chic trip!

CELEB WATCH: It is fairly easy to spot celebrities in Paris during a high profile fashion event


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