From Oktoberfest in Munich to Morocco’s Oasis, partake in local festivities as you discover a new destination

September marks the arrival of Autumn for most parts of the world. Furthermore, the upcoming months of October and November bring along many exciting local fests and festivals. This means many refreshing long vacations, each offering an opportunity to tick off a destination from your bucket list with lesser leaves from work.

Keeping up with the festive spirit in our homeland, how about you enjoy some festive flavours abroad too?

It takes a little research to find food or music fests, street parades or any other local festivals that coincide with your visit. These festivities often lend a lively atmosphere to your favourite city, which in turn heightens the holiday experience.

Region: Munich, Germany

Don’t miss: Oktoberfest
When: September 22 -October 7, 2018

Oktoberfest is a much anticipated event of the year. To visualise, Munich’s much adored fest, replicates a party of the largest scale. Oktoberfest is commonly associated as a beer fest with locally brewed beverage stealing the spotlight. Although, beer remains its essence, it actually reflects the culture of Bavarian food, clothes and traditions. Over the years, Munich has changed the stereotype of being associated with just food and drinks; the festival has a Ferris Wheel, rollercoaster’s, games and traditional Bavarian parade to set the fun quotient soaring.

So it’s not just about clanking of mugs, Oktoberfest is a well-rounded attraction to your visit to Germany with family too. If you are here to enjoy the true essence of the fest, make sure to catch the official opening ceremonies. At noon, the Mayor of Munich taps open the barrel, officially flagging off the party. Visitors then begin to quench their thirst. While booking for the Oktoberfest begins months in advance, it is recommended to get here early if you intend to secure a

one of the tents.

Trivia: The beer mugs, called steins are much sought-after souvenirs during Oktoberfest. But they actually belong to the property of the respective landlords. Ever tent has macho, bouncer type security guards who look out for people trying to steal the mugs.

Region: Marrakech

Don’t miss: Oasis
When: September 14 – 16, 2018

Make sure to visit iconic monuments such as Edround considered as Gate to the Sahara Desert.

Oasis, the ongoing three-day festival held in Morocco, seeks to heighten the dessert landscape of Morocco further on. In its second addition this exotic, sun-soaked techno fest is a thrilling addition to the music calendar. Hosted in the Moroccan capital, Marrakech, it featured Richie Hawtin, Ellen Allien and Jeff Mills in the first edition along with the emerging stars of the underground. The festival is a perfect destination of discerning electronic music fans. Music aside, the festival’s enviable location offers enough opportunity to kick back on a sun-lounger in between performances.

No trip to Marrakech can be complete without a trip to a souk. Sample the alluring flavours, and lose yourself in one of the most enchanting cities in the world. In the upcoming month of October, Morocco will play host to the Erfoud Date Festival. Hosted in the first week of October, it celebrates the harvest of date palms in the Erfoud region, located in the central part of Morocco.

Region: Istanbul

Don’t miss: Contemporary Istanbul
When: September 20 – 23, 2018

You can also consider visiting the Celsius Library in the ancient city of Ephesus near Izmir.

Turkey’s art and craft forms a rich mosaic with its historic landscape. During your visit to Turkey, don’t forget to visit the Grand Bazaar that’s located in its capital. Combine your visit with the Contemporary Istanbul, the leading annual art fair, taking place between September 20 – 23, 2018.

In its 13th edition, the fair brings together leading international and Turkish contemporary art galleries, offering a platform for the city’s thriving art scene and growing art market.

It’s perfect for those art lovers looking to seek inspiration. The event is spread across 84 galleries, showcasing works from artists over 22 countries. Complete your visit with a whirling dervish performance, an initiate of the Sufi path. The practice of whirling is form of worship, done to remember God. Originally from Konya, whirling dervish performances are hosted in Istanbul too. Although it may look a bit like a performance, the ceremony (sema) is still a religious ceremony.

WOW Factor: Apart from religious significance, the practice of whirling by the Dervish seeks to link the revolution of the electrons, protons, and neutrons within the atoms. This also brings to mind the working of the universe i.e. the planets revolving around the sun. Thus, The Semazens, the ones who whirl, participate consciously in the shared revolution of all existence.

Region: New Mexico, USA

Catch a riot of colourful hot air balloons take flight at the Fiesta Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Don’t miss: Albuquerque Balloon Festival
When: October 6 – 14, 2018

Albuquerque’s splendid mountain landscape is heightened with colourful balloons soaring each morning as dawn breaks. It is a splendid sight to watch pilots from world over take to the skies during the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. Around 500 balloons, each offers a vivid silhouette and represents various aspects.

You’ll find balloons shaped like penguins, dinosaurs, bumble bees and flowers that instantly grab your attention as they float gloriously in the sky.

Balloon Glow, held during the evenings, is other event to watch out for. At the launch field, the flickering propane burners inflate the balloons against a dark sky, showcase a psychedelic light show. Apart from the event, enjoy a tram ride to soak up the views from Sandia Peak which offer unparallel vistas of the city. For those food connoisseurs, green chile roasting season is in full swing in October.  This means you must relish the local favourites such as sopaipillas, enchiladas and chile rellenos. Lastly, explore Albuquerque’s burgeoning breweries and wineries or simply enjoy a bicycle tour of Old Town.


Region: Komiza, Croatia

Don’t miss: Goulash Disko
When: September 16- 11, 2018

Goulash Disko seeks to bring together emerging talents from more than 30 different countries

Komiza, an offbeat town lying on the western coast of the island of Vis, Croatia is all set to come alive with Goulash Disko, five day festival dedicated to music. Komiza’s idyllic beaches coupled with the fine artist line-up sets the mood for those music lovers. When it comes to music, there are no bounds, as it captures new sounds and genres rooted in the Global Underground. Watch out for world infused and eclectic music styles that will capture your soul.

Although, music remains the central idea of the festival, performers and workshops other than those related to music are also part of the program.

Between the festivities, enjoy the flavour of this Mediterranean fishing village. At the foot of Hum hill sit a jumble of pleasantly ramshackle 17th and 18th-century houses. End your day by enjoying sunset views at Kamenice beach. Besides, the event isn’t just restricted to Komiza; before and after parties will be hosted in Split and Zagreb too.

So if you want to experience an island festival, combined with delights of these two cities, Goulash Disko is just perfect.

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