Associate With Stylebee – Pageant Finale

Be a part of the StyleBee Pageant Finale  2018 and 2019 Auditions- An unique opportunity for you to generate business and branding by showcasing, exciting and new products for style connoisseurs to inhale. The event that will be solely based on promoting the 'Business of Fashion' and help you grow the target customer base with plenty of branding options. Through our strategically planning and executing promotion campaigns, StyleBee can help you cultivate and consolidate a market base for your products.

Who the primary consumer or customer is for your product – Your Target Audience?

Females in the age group of 20 to 45?
Homemakers and working Professionals?
Females from your locality/city/multiple cities?
Females having strong interest in Fashion, Fitness and Glamour?

StyleBee is the most efficient way to maximize the visibility of your brand among your target audience.

On-Site Branding:
Runway Exposure
Media Bites.
Recognition on Stage.

Off-Site Branding:
Social Media Promotion - Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.
Website Promotions.

Setup Your Own Photo shoot Corner:
StyleBee Participants are your models.

Stylebee pageant finale is going to be ultimate beauty, lifestyle and wellness event in Delhi to come together with like-minded sellers, celebrities and buyers. An intensive fashion experience – why would you not want to be part of that?

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