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Second Training Session: Road To Finale

All selected candidates of Stylebee Diva Hunt 2018 will undergo rigorous training and grooming sessions from the best experts in the industry before the grand finale.
We have named our grooming sessions as ‘Transformative Mentorship’. In this series contestants will be mentored by experts in grooming, hair styling, fashion & wardrobe, social etiquette, self esteem & goal setting, photo posing and catwalk.

In the second session of our grooming series, we were joined by a professional make-up expert where contestants learnt invaluable knowledge on make-up techniques by having a discussion on skincare and skin prep, advanced color theory, perfecting foundation application, highlight and contour, fundamental eye techniques, balancing brows, lips face shapes, mature skin, editorial beauty, and trends and runway makeup. She also demonstrated a full make up session herself, which will be very helpful to groom in the finale and other occasions.

After the make-up session, they were trained to how to ace the ramp-walk focusing specifically on their walk, style, stance and poise. This was in continuation of the first session where they were given all the basic knowledge about walking on the runway and camera facing techniques while on the ramp.


The next session will focus mainly on professional photo shoot techniques and posing which gives the contestants a chance to implement their newly acquired skills and have fun in front of camera.

Developing a Pageant Strategy

• Pageant & Ramp Walk
• Personality & Grooming
• Posture & Poise.
• Camera Facing Techniques & Portfolio Assistance (Professional Portfolio Not Included)
• Public Speaking &Voice Modulation
• Modeling Technique & Body Language
• Making a Positive First Impression
• Wardrobe Analysis & Customized Wardrobe Assistance
• Diet, Nutrition & Fitness Assistance
. Confidence Building
• Mental Preparation
• Question Handling (Preliminary Round, Prejudging, On Stage and One-on-One)
• Personalize your answers so that you sound original
• Connecting with the Judges and Handling the Stage
• Platform Development

The Stylebee pageant aspirants  will have phenomenal presentation skills because they are taught how to be in control of their environment, how to communicate effectively with the judges and audience members while communicating the type of titleholder they will be. The Stylebee’s pageantry training techniques will help to eliminate any fear or nervousness that contestants have about competing in the pageant competition. Stylebee believes in investing today!

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