5th Grooming Session: Transformative Mentorship

Stylbee is beyond just a pageant, it’s a journey.

All fianlists of Stylbee Diva Hunt 2018 will undergo rigorous training and grooming sessions from the best experts in the industry before the grand finale. We have named our grooming sessions as ‘Transformative Mentorship’. In this series contestants will be mentored by experts in grooming, hair styling, fashion & wardrobe, social etiquette, self esteem & goal setting, photo posing and catwalk (the list is endless).

In this session of our grooming series, we were joined by a professional model: Alia Sharma where contestants learnt invaluable knowledge about the runway walk where they were demonstrated, to how to ace that runway by Alia herself. She focused on each and every contestant with great detail, to improve their walk while being on the ramp while interacting and discussing on all the issues that contestants face while being in a pageant.

After this session we were joined by Divisha Tiwari who is a Director and Filmmaker. She gave a session on ‘TV Commercials’ of what that goes behind the cameras of making a successful Tv Commercial campaign. The contestant had to perform an act from any popular TV ad while Divisha guided and mentored them from behind the camera. The session’s focus was specifically on ‘Camera Facing Technique’ and what all goes to be an actor.

At Stylbee we believe beauty is too liberal and free to be caged to a specific definition. We stress upon loving yourself because that is when you’ll see how gorgeous life is when you bring forth the beauty that lies within.

Stylbee believes in Investing in your future today!

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