Jyoti Sateeja – “Over the course of my journey, I have added various mediums and media to my repertoire……..

“I am an Artist who believes in creating through mind and soul. Painting has been my passion since my childhood which I have been following thoroughly.
Although I did my Master’s in Human Resources Management and after spending more than over a decade in HR fraternity in a Leadership role which is also a different world of creativity, I came back to the world of Art again. As a part of my profession, I have committed to the community work through my association with INGO. I have participated in various camps, group shows and solo shows too. I have dedicated a series of paintings on the Tribal unwed women and their children. Over the course of my journey, I have added various mediums and media to my repertoire.”

Through my works, I draw upon the influence and inspiration of life itself. Life is a gift – if we can learn to appreciate all the beautiful things we’ve received, then we will have the key to life’s happiness and inner harmony. This appreciation brings positivity to a world which is full of sadness. Nature is the healer – it soothes, replenishes, regenerates and I want to live with the nature which I create. I am committed to art and the discovery of new and exciting ideas and techniques.

For me, Art is a passion which should come from within the innate soul of the artist. I believe in creating art from my mind and soul and I put my heart to every single piece of my work. Art is beyond the perception of beauty and the intention of the creator. It is about interpretation. It must connect with something or someone. My creations depict my influences derived from my feelings and experiences from different phases of life that conveys a message towards optimism. Entire effort towards my paintings helps me to rediscover my inner self at each path of my journey through life and would want to continue with it.

I believe in leaving behind a legacy with my works…. A legacy that would inspire a lot other people to do good and that’s what I’ve been trying to achieve.

Stylbee showed the path through the opportunity to fulfill my dream which would help me keep evolving and upgrade myself to something new and prepare me to move into a new phase of life and help me with my journey to inspire others to do good in whatever way they can …Stylbee gave an open platform to every woman to turn their dreams into reality… Thanks to Stylbee for helping me creating another milestone in my life– Jyoti Sateeja.

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