Inside Stylebee Pageant: Garima Sharma shares her experience, thoughts and feelings: “Stylebee knew what we have inside and the grooming session brought it out

Lights shining, camera rolling, ramp set, music roaring and a grander than life hall waiting for you, with doors open to a world with endless opportunities!


Breaking all the stereotypes, flying higher than their wings allowed, with a dream sparkling in their eyes- beautiful queens and princesses enter the hall. A great sense of pride in their heart for making it to the finale, little nervousness glances exchange with excitement for entering an unexplored world with unfamiliar faces.

After a month’s long wait with hopes and anticipations, it’s over now for so many well deserving divas. A lot of hard work, sleepless nights, brain storming, perseverance and dedication from the expert judges and courteous teams in selecting the deserved candidates out of hundreds of entries, have made it possible for us to live our dream! What kept them going through all these sleepless nights? Well a promise to keep up their social cause – empower women, from all walks of life! And as Stylebee insisted from very beginning, “Confidence is the only thing required”, they made sure it is THE criteria for the selections. So it feels amazing to come across the finalists who have no quintessential figure/complexion/height/weight/body type/age but sheer talent to make it to the finale. Yes Stylebee believes anyone can be a model, given the right attitude to LEARN.

Kudos to all the divas, after all the grilling audition rounds, you have made it! You are halfway to the journey of fulfilling your dream, a dream you have nurtured this far. And for a transformative mentorship, the most talented mentors awaits to bring the best out of you. Here begins the sessions justifying the name- “Personal best”. We are blessed to have super talented grooming mentors.

A brief introduction with everyone in the room breaks the ice . “Girls we are just like you, treat us your friend, cheer up and have fun with us in the sessions” coming this from mentors brings smiles to our faces.
A beautiful ramp walk from our mentor wins our hearts. What poise, grace and elegance! Now is the time she starts working on us. Here is a quick glance on tips she gave us for a graceful, stylish, peppy walk (and the lessons we took home with it for a lifetime) :

1) You all have a Diva hidden inside, you just need to make it appear outside. You all have the qualities to become a model, we are here to just polish those qualities.
(Life tip: This boosted our confidence big time. When everyone reached the venue with so much to grasp and learn from the first session, it was pleasant surprise to realise we already have it inside us what it needs to be whatever we want. Thankyou so much dear mentors for such words, loved these! You made us feel like a diamond which needs just little polishing to shine its brightest.)

2) Walk with your chin up, head straight and focus on a point at eye level while walking. Don’t look down while you walk, don’t move your head sideways, just look straight at the point with a passion in your eyes.
(Life tip: In every front of life, walk with a purpose and you will never forget to hold your head high.
The focus point is your source of inspiration metaphorically, just keep this divine source of light in front of your eyes with a never shaking faith and the passion will ooze out of your eyes on its own. Your passion will give that confidence in you that puts you straight on the path of your success. With this faith, you know where you are heading towards, so you need not look down even for a while to doubts/worries, just take that leap of faith and keep moving forward.)

3) Walk with style. Feel it and it will reflect in your walk.
(Life tip: Yes feeling inside what you want outside makes it super easy for you to express, be it anything)

4) Practice, practice and practice- with practice you shall see a stark difference in your walk at the end of sessions.
(Life tips: Yes, practice is the key for moving towards perfection, be it any field of your life-you need to put sincere efforts ,time and lots of practice to fine tune your skills.)

5) Dress as per your body type. No rules here as to what to wear on runway.
(Life tip: Do not compare yourself with others, you are beautiful and a perfect creation of God with unique sets of skills and blessings. Know what have you got and then give life your best shot.)

6) Your posture should be composed and elegant while walking (shoulders pulled backwards, back straight, pull your body up and hips a little forward.

7) For practicing keeping your head straight, put a book on your head and then walk, it will help maintain a head shoulder balance.

8) Pose for 3-4 seconds after you reach the front of runway, acknowledge the judges individually by looking into their eyes.

9) Turn ,walk back and pose again at the end of runway.

10) Your eyes are most important ,they talk for you in your walk and poses. Make sure you put your passion ahead.

With all these wonderful tips , our mentor made sure she walked with every girl back and forth, observing keenly and helping individually where they needed to work upon. And what touched the most about her! When she asked us “If you find my mistakes, please tell me .I am a human and even I can commit mistakes, I shall feel good to receive your feedbacks”. What a personality, gem of a person she is. She is not just a mentor for ramp sessions, she teaches us to be a good person at heart, to help as many people as we can. And after the session also, she keeps in touch with all the girls through her Insta account. She makes sure she replies to all our queries and helps us keep up the motivation by giving tips every now and then through Insta. She helps us choose the best pair of heels , dresses etc. -anything you ask and she is more than happy to help. Thankyou so much dear, you are an inspiration!

Then began the photoshoot session with another lovely mentor. She kept the mood fresh and faces smiling through her wits. Soon she was on stage giving us tips for facing camera and photoshoot, and she puts such sincere efforts and energy to explain the tits and bits:

1)There are many type of photoshoots: For a magazine cover, for online cloth lines, creative photoshoots etc.

2)You all are blessed with amazing curves, you need to handle your body with elegance to make yourself look the best.

3)A left profile of your face, a right profile and front profile- you need to find which one of yours is best. Present that to the camera.

4) Camera sees everything.

5)You need to practice in front of mirror to find your best expressions-for some open lips work, for some a little smile etc.

6) Keep your upper body straight. Hips and chest should neither be too pointed, nor slouched.

7)Your arms should be placed gently.

8)Show attitude and confidence on camera.

9)Interaction with camera person and the lens of camera is very important. Look straight into lens to get a picture where your eyes follow whoever looks at it.

10) Poses should be neat for a clothing line- four poses you need to give (left side, right side, front and back) As per your dress type, you should choose your poses.

After this, we got to practice the poses she told us in front of the camera. And she instructed us well and kept up the spirits high. We asked to get a practice session with music and the mentors instantly arranged for it by talking to Team Stylebee, not only this we got a ramp ,live DJ, professional camerapersons and media bites. During media bites, whenever anyone got nervous, she would boost up her confidence and say with a big smile “Darling, you are already doing so good. You need not be even a bit nervous”. What more is needed to get us going?

All this would not have been possible without the management team of Stylebee . They are so humble and courteous, make every contestant feel special, like a DIVA!
We went in the first session thinking we will lose ourselves to learn to be a model, but in reality we found our hidden self- a side Stylebee knew what we have inside and the grooming session brought it out.


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