Online Photo Contest: Information is for Application till Oct 2019:
A) Minimum Votes count required 550.
B) On achieving minimum voting count- You will be informed for 2nd round (telephonic round with jury panel).
C) Update / information will be sent to those whose voting count is and above 550.
D) For voting 50 days will be given.
E) Scores of telephonic round by Jury will considered as final scores to announce the winners.
F) Telephonic round Scores - From 10 (to qualify minimum 7 required).

Pageant Details:

What are the requirements for entering the pageant (Miss & Mrs Style Diva/Corporate Diva India/Teen Diva India)?
If you are, an Indian citizen, and you are at least 13 but under 45 as of January 1, 2019, you are eligible to apply to become a contestant.

Do I need to have pageant experience to compete in Stylebee pageant?
On the contrary! Quite often our competitors are the “girls next door” with little or no pageant experience. Almost on an annual basis we have young women winning who have never competed with us before.

Do I have to win a preliminary pageant to compete?
No, you do not need to win a preliminary title or have previous pageant experience to participate.

Is there a talent portion of the competition?
There is no performing talent competition. There are three equally scored categories including: Interview, Photoshoot and Ramp-Walk.

Am I too old or young to win the pageant?
Never at any time are the judges directed to consider age when choosing a winner. Age is only a factor in determining which division you will compete.

Are there any height or weight requirements to enter the pageant?

Absolutely not! Whether you’re 4 feet tall or 7 feet tall, it doesn’t matter. There is usually a wide range of body styles and types participating with us. We are looking for outgoing, intelligent and confident women.

What are you looking for in your winner?
Confidence is the only required thing that you need to have at all stages of the Stylebee pageant.

What happens after I submit my audition form?
Once your form is submitted, our review committee will determine if they feel you would make a good candidate for the title. If you are accepted to participate in the pageant, you will be contacted by email/phone.

Is there an entry fee and if so, how much is it?
There is an entry participation fee for the audition. If selected, grooming sessions charges are applicable.

Few Facts:
Selected candidates can be eliminated from the ongoing contest: Reasons like - Behavioral and Disciplinary Issues, dues not paid, continuous absenteeism from the grooming sessions or any such reason/cause stated by the organizer.
In case of elimination or participant decide to quit the show in between the ongoing contest - No refund will be processed.
Organizer does not promises any monetary prizes.
The Schedule of events/qualification rounds/grooming sessions are subject to change at the discretion of the organizer.
Any anger, profanity, unseemly language, or anything else that might cause ill controversy that is directed towards the directors, producer, owners or anyone else involved with the production of or who is employed by Stylbee.com will be grounds for disqualification and ejection from any contest category at present or future contest. This rule is without exception and is at the discretion of Stylbee.com. In such situations no refund will be processed and legal actions can be taken depending on the severity of the event.
Participants contesting with Stylebee will not be allowed to associate with any other pageant till all your formalities related to the contest are over in full. Anyone violating the rule shall be barred from the contest and any benefits arriving thereof. Also no refund claims will be entertained by the organizers.

How many contestants compete in the Stylebee pageant?

The number of contestants and Selection to the finale is based on participants willingness fulfilling the terms and conditions.

How do I get to the pageant audition site and what are my responsibilities once I am there?
You are responsible for your own transportation to the audition location. Parents and friends are not permitted in the audition room.
Admission to the audition is by ticket only. You as a contestant do need to carry an e-ticket/ unique registration number text/email. There is no limit on the number of tickets you may purchase, and you will be able to purchase them online or at the pageant audition itself prior to the show.

The pageant is divided into 3 phases of competition: For all Miss/Mrs Style Diva India, Miss/Mrs Corporate Diva India, Miss Teen Diva India contestants, these categories are Personal interview, Ramp-Walk, and Photoshoot.

What if I have a tattoo or body piercing?
Tattoos and piercing are a statement of your individuality and to this point, we have not prohibited anyone from entering the pageant because of them. Judges are not told to look upon someone negatively because of tattoos or piercing, however, judging is a subjective process done by everyone differently.
If you are uncomfortable with your piercing, you may want to make sure your wardrobe covers it. You can opt to replace it with something smaller and less noticeable or you can remove it totally for pageant weekend.

For selected are there any charges to be paid?
Charges are applicable depending on the deliverable: Wardrobe/Makeup/Hair charges/Grooming/Stay (Out stationed Candidates).

What if i do not clear the auditions?
You still have a chance to be part of the contest. We identify few contestants (from the rejected list), have potentials and can be groomed to be part of the finale. These SHORTLISTED contestants go through a paid training program.

Stylebee Pageantry Academy
We are a Pageantry Academy open for everyone to participate. Stylebee is a Beginners platform who are looking forward to experience the pageantry journey by learning basics of ramp walk, posing techniques and other activities.
Stylebee does not create any barriers in terms of physical features, age, cast creed and community.

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