Online Pageant – Miss / Mrs. Diva India 2020

Stylebee Online Diva India is a fun, affordable online photo pageant with monthly preliminaries to qualify for a BIG annual photo pageant… the first of it’s kind.  We’ve been in the pageant industry since a long time now, offering a fun way for ladies of all ages to compete for real, national pageant titles from an established, trustworthy pageant system without the expense of travel and wardrobe.

We offer quality prizes that you can treasure for a lifetime.  Our judges come from various backgrounds in the pageant, modeling, and photography industries to provide fair and honest judging.  Photos are randomized in our voting and judging systems to ensure fairness and our secure website keeps your personal information secure while providing you with instant access to your scores the instant results are posted.  Our events are all held through our website and our system ensures results are posted on-time every-time for a fair, fun, reliable contest.  We are often imitated, but never duplicated!

We hope you will join us!


Winners will be announced on the basis of:

  • A) Minimum Voting Criteria
  • B) Telephonic with Jury Panel
  • To Apply:

    A) Contest entry fee: INR 2200-/

    (Discount of Rs. 1000-/. Offer is applicable for few hours only)

    B) After paying the entry fee, Share 5 to 7 solo random photographs (Selfies/any pic/candid) on:

    WhatsApp: 8826400557 | Email:

    C) Post registration voting link will be shared within 2 working days through Whats-app/Email.

    D) Voting will be live once the link is given within 24 to 48 hours.

    For Winner:

  • A) Cash Prize Upto INR 100000-/
  • B) Crown and Sash
  • C) E-comm Clothing Shoot / Fashion Shows / Web Reality Series / Webisodes Short Movies
  • D) Promotion and Recognition on social media platforms like Facebook / Instagram / YouTube
  • Benefits of Online Pageant:

  • A) Recognition as social media celebrity
  • B) Opportunities to work in Glamour/Fashion Industry
  • C) Career that can fulfill your dreams
  • D) Establishing yourself as Model/Actor/Celebrity

  • Registration will close at 2:00 Pm today!!

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